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We are Hiring Again!!!
We are Hiring Again!!!

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 Smart Solution for  New Generation Customers
Smart Solution for New Generation Customers

Take smart step with GreeneStep ERP Collaboration Suite

We focus on Our Customer's vision
We focus on Our Customer's vision

We focus on Customer's business vision Timely functional and technical support for your growing and changing business

Products and Services

GreeneStep specializes in ERP software Development and Services for small to midsized companies in Retail, eCommerce, Distribution, Education, Lifestyle and services businesses.

We truly understand our customers’ needs and business process. We deliver new product innovations; work with our customers for technical and functional support.

Enable Progressively

GreeneStep BackOffice is Business Enhancement software that seamlessly integrates all your inter-departmental functions, employees and partners on a single system.

BackOffice Software Modules can be installed in a progressive manner as per customer's convenience. Mobile work force can securely access information from anywhere and at anytime.

 Pricing and deployment

GreeneStep offers a solutions that can be purchased and deployed on the premise as well as a SAAS subscription model. Please contact GreeneStep to find the right model.

You can choose from : SAAS Subscription Model to pay per user per month or Own Perpetual Licenses and Host it at third-party provider. Or you can deploy at your own IT premises.

 Key Differentiators

Integrated eCommerce Web Store with flexible design elements. Quickly benefit from the new eCommerce channel that is open 24x7 and increases your revenues with expanded global reach.

And options to enable progressively of modules to ease funding and easy adoption by your employees without changes to earlier installed modules and day-to-day business data.