Complete Business Solution

GreeneStep offers an integrated Business Management Software carefully designed to meet your every business requirement. From CRM to Business Analytics, our array of products brings the power of €˜big business €™ solutions to growing businesses.

Continuous Support & Training

With an acclaimed support system in place, we encourage you to embrace our new-age products with confidence. GreeneStep's support and maintenance team €“ available 24x7 €“ enables you to operate seamlessly without any technical glitches.

Choice of Deployment

Gain full flexibility by choosing an appropriate deployment type that best suits your infrastructure and resources. GreeneStep team will assist you in every aspect of the deployment process from selection through its execution.

You never have to change your business system again.

Point Solutions

Our range of solutions help you improve your internal productivity while taking care of external relations with customers, partners and suppliers.

Our products are designed with the latest technologies to run your business successfully in the long-term.

Resolving your problems has never been easier, because GreeneStep enables enterprise wide collaboration and control - all on a single platform for all your employees, customers and partners.

Achieve a competitive advantage and be the best in your business in no time with the best of products at affordable prices.

With deployment time as less as two weeks, our services team are here to assist you 24x7!

Quickly Adopt eCollaboration

Boost Employee's Productivity

Enable Ecommerce Sales

Our Customers

Our customers enjoy the freedom to make decisions, be in charge and are always seeking "a good deal".