Grow out of your conventional ways of managing business.

GreeneStep redefines the power of collaboration at a whole new level. 'Collaboration' provides you a single platform to assign, track and manage tasks related to employees and even customers! It brings in the right amount of transparency into your business while efficiently handling your business activities.

Flexible workflow system

Assign and track tasks related to employees and customers and maintain inter-team or cross-departmental collaboration history.

Performance tracking

Track time spent on each project activity and total time spent to improve cost and efficiency.

Employees are important

Boost employee morale and system effectiveness with personalised dashboards and performance summary.

Efficient task management

Create, assign, update with multiple attachments and escalate tasks easily. Perform quick search on task numbers, group and sort tasks and track progress of multi-disciplinary activities with ease.

Relationship management

Provide your customers with online helpdesk and ticketing system with previliges to view and update related tasks. Notify updates via email alerts to internal users, customers and other users.

Business at your fingertips

Access Collaboration through your smart device anywhere, anytime and enjoy customized interface with responsive design.

Do the things you always do. But efficiently.