Customer Relationship Management or CRM is the strongest and the most efficient tool in maintaining, creating and securing relationships with customers. CRM is not only pure business but also ideation of strong personal bonding within people.

Once this personal and emotional linkage is built, it is easy for an organization to identify the actual needs of customers and help them serve in a better way.

Integrated Functionalities

Greenestep Business Management Suite collates all customer data into one place. The CRM module makes it easy to track performance – both within and across the team. CRM can also bring all information together into reports to aid forecasting. With this level of analysis present, setting the next period's goals becomes much easier to align with reality.

  • Prospect the customer management
  • Create seasonal & customized campaigns
  • Maintain prospects and customers history
  • Optimize order-to-cash processes with real time reporting
  • Online data review & dashboard
  • Track demographics/ buying patterns to retain customers
  • Profile customers on different parameters
  • Manage leads and customer analysis
  • Improve data handling with a more intuitive user interface
  • View and act on sales pipeline