GreeneStep Ecommerce Sites for B2B & B2C

GreeneStep offers an integrated e-commerce solution that increases operational efficiency and delivers the perfect order. Take your brand to global markets on any device with multiple websites.

GreeneStep Ecommerce is completely integrated with the Business Management modules to run your business - ERP/Financials, CRM, Order Management, and Inventory and Warehousing capabilities.

Key benefits

  • Easy site navigation for customers
  • Visual catalogs and multi-image facility
  • Multiple promotions and pricing
  • Access on any device
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Efficient Order Management
  • Easy and secure payments
  • Site management
  • Dynamic customer service
  • Shipping and international trading


Order Processing, Shipping and Fulfillment: Fully integrated back office operational solution allows all orders to be processed and sent to the appropriate warehouse location or drop-shipped based on business rules. The fulfillment process allows you to pick, pack and ship the orders with high efficiency.

Catalog Management: GreeneStep Software offers features to ensure you are selling the right products at the right prices. Display branded products and provide various product specifications for customer to view easily.

B2B and B2C Channel: GreeneStep Software gives B2B businesses robust capabilities. The system supports payment methods often required for B2B transactions, such as Invoice billing, Credit limits and multiple shipment addresses, batch-processing and includes features such as quantity-based pricing and drop-ship orders.

Promotions and Pricing Rules: Visible promotions acquire new customers easily and increase conversion and average order value. GreeneStep Software offers industry-leading ability to target promotions based on any shopper segment or product specifications. All promotions can be controlled by business rules, ensuring quick display.

Stable, Fast and Flexible: Your storefront is the face of your company and your brand. Benefit from a very stable and reliable GreeneStep Ecommerce system that is quick to deploy and configure.

Multi-Channel Integration: Customers increasingly expect a consistent, relevant experience across any channel they choose, from mobile devices to call centers to your website. With CRM as an integral part of the Ecommerce platform, GreeneStep gives you a single view of customer orders, issues, contacts and payment information.

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