Data Storage Devices Manufacturer

A US based Manufacturer and Distributor of storage systems who provides a variety of data storage solution by assembling together the sub systems such as IO converters, storage enclosures, racks, controllers, interface boards, mounting brackets, interface cables, power cables, adapters and connectors.

. Requirement
  • An advanced Job Order Management solution to easily put together products/sub systems to form a variety of data storage solutions.
  • Legacy ERP Database was not compatible with the latest windows release.
  • Real time pricing updates of the Products.
  • Save support costs (High support fee from the previous vendor)

Solution Provided by GreeneStep
  • A Business Management solution integrated with Online Store that facilitated smooth manufacturing process and online sales.
  • Plugin was provided to meet the customer requirement for Job Order management.
  • Availability of real time and uniform pricing across Backoffice and Webstore helped in running discounts effectively .
  • The Payflow pro processor is built in the product and the processing of credit card via this processor happens smoothly.
  • We have added many features with respect to the Credit card processing such as Zero-dollar verification, authorization and verifying CVV information. The card details can be tokenized and can be used for future use. Paypal integration has also been done for the online store which helped the customer to expand their business and gain profit from their online store.
  • Starship shipment tracking software was integrated with ERPx for easy and real time tracking of shipment and ensure on time delivery to customers.
  • Legacy database was updated and made compatible with the latest windows releases.
  • Nominal annual maintenance and support fee.

  • Replacement of disparate systems by a single integrated solution not only streamlined their operations but also drove down costs and increased revenue.
  • The data entered at one place is available at appropriate places in the other modules that helped in better communication and coordination between the teams and their customers.
  • Their Customer base increased tremendously with the implementation of the online store which is compatible with new software updates