Leading Laundry Equipment Seller and Services Provider

Head Quartered in New Jersey, this is a leading provider of Laundry solutions.They serve coin laundries, on-premise laundries, multi-housing laundries and college campus laundries; providing superior equipment and unparalleled service. They provide services in Maryland and Puerto Rico as well.

  • An efficient system to manage their job of installing and maintaining the laundry equipment
  • An interface between the multiple companies used for their business
  • An integrated software for Route Management
  • A software that can be used by the Field Technicians across multiple devices
  • Multiple customized reports along with the default reports available in Greenestep


Solution Provided by GreeneStep
  • Solution to easily manage multiple companies. These companies are integrated in a way that the information is automatically updated between companies and readily available for further process
  • A plug in was provided for the Route management process to provide field service executives with optimized route plan, view-able on Google maps and meet customer service targets.
  • An advanced and user-friendly interface, Field Service Module was provided that can be used by the field technicians anytime, anywhere from any device. This module is used by the department heads and Field Technicians for processing service request, to view the routes, reports and update accordingly.
  • Provided customized reports as per their business requirements.


  • They were able to effectively manage their laundry equipment with our integrated software and easy to use interfaces.
  • The redundancy of data entry at multiple places was avoided and hence were able to speed up their operations and increase their efficiency.
  • The data entered at one place is available at appropriate places in the other modules that helped in better communication and coordination between the teams and their customers.
  • Their business analysis capability has improved many fold with the help of various reports that have been tailor made to meet their requirements.