Leading Producer and Supplier of Exotic Woods and Veneers

US based Supplier of exotic, domestic, rare wood, dyed and recomposed veneers to Architects, Designers, Panel Makers, Woodworkers, Aircraft/Yacht Manufacturers, Furniture Companies, Homeowners, and Hobbyists.

  • A Webstore integrated with PayPal to facilitate online payments.
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Shipping Integration
  • Legacy Data Migration


Solution Provided by GreeneStep
  • ERPx-Integrated Business Management Suite with highly configurable and easy to use Webstore.
  • Sophisitcated Sales Pipeline Management solution
  • Webstore integrated with Paypal
  • FedEx Shipment Integration


  • Increase in customer base with better Sales Pipeline Management
  • Increase in online sales and quick transaction completion.
  • Ability to track shipment enhanced customer experience.