HVAC Equipment, Spares and Services Company

Leading distributor of a wide range HVAC products, including A/C compressors, water heating and conditioning equipment, motors, blowers, thermostats, parts and accessories with stores in Newburgh and Mahopac,NY.

  • Website customisation
  • Real time pricing updates
  • Linked Purchase orders to streamline their purchase process.
  • Point of Sale solutions for their retail stores.
  • Database to be compatible with new system and software updates


Solution Provided by GreeneStep
  • Real time,uniform pricing made available across the modules and online store.
  • Provided the linked PO functionality which enabled them to update their stock based on the demand from the Customers.
  • Provided simple and flexible Point of Sale module for their retail stores.
  • Legacy database was updated and made compatible with the latest software.


  • Effectively manage B2B as well as Retail operations with a single eco system of ERPx and integrated Online store.
  • They were able to make decisions on purchasing the products based on their demand with linked PO functionality.
  • Store personnel are able to be to carry out transactions and process payments quickly with our Point of Sale solution.