International Dental Products Supplier

Family owned business offering range of products to Dental industry such as alloys,articulating paper Dental and accessories,composites and restoratives,infection control products,anesthesia supplies,cosmetic dentistry,cements and liners,surgical products,X Ray products etc.

  • Needed very specific features such as converting multiple Sales Order to single Sales Invoice and different transaction templates for different group of customers
  • Needed an integrated webstore
  • Needed to apply different pricing rule and discount for the same product with different lot numbers


Solution Provided by GreeneStep
  • Solution was given to handle their unique product pricing and discounts
  • An integrated ecommerce store was provided to handle their online business
  • A customized solution was given to meet their requirement of converting multiple Sales Orders to single Sales Invoice


  • They were able to effectively manage their business with our advanced ERP system.
  • The redundancy of data entry at multiple places was avoided and hence were able to speed up their operations and increase their efficiency.
  • They were able to apply their unique pricing and discounts.
  • Customer management has become much easier that before.
  • Their Sales process has improved a lot which in turn increased their revenue.
  • Their business analysis capabilitiy has improved with the help of various built in features and reports.