Engineering Equipment Manufacturer

A pioneer in assembling, dis-assembling, re-assembling and manufacturing and distribution of Engineering equipment and a certified convertor under the NTEA for various industries

  • Pick Ticket and pull sheet generation
  • Job Order Management
  • Credit card integration
  • Third party shipment tracking to be integrated


Solution Provided by GreeneStep
  • Effective Shop Floor management and the process of assembling/disassembling of products made easy with our Job Order Management solution.
  • Vantage and Paypros credit card processing integrations and features like such as Zero-dollar verification, authorisation and verifying CVV information included. The card details can be tokenised and used for future use.
  • Pick Ticket and Pull sheet functionality was provided to fulfil the customer’s business requirement.
  • Integration of UPS AND FedEx for Shipment Tracking.


  • Effective Shop Floor Management
  • Faster payment processing
  • Faster fulfillment with Pick Ticket functionality.
  • Shipment tracking and on-time delivery.