Support Timings

United States:

8:30 A.M EST to 5:30 P.M EST
Monday to Friday


11:00 A.M to 7:00 P.M Singapore Local Time
Monday to Friday


9:00 A.M IST to 5:00 P.M IST
Monday to Friday

Support Resolutions:

1. What is the GreeneStep support site?

The Support Site is a web based portal meant to create Ticket/Tasks by the Customers, Vendors and Employees. It is used to reach our support team.

2. What is Customer Support Process?

Upon creating a new request on the Support Site you will receive an email confirmation containing the task number and details. Meanwhile, our Support Analyst will be notified and will resolve the issue. You will receive a follow-up call from our Support Analyst, who will then email you with the detailed information. If the resolution provided is correct the Support Analyst will close the task, else it is escalated to our Technical Analyst who will login and fix the issue.
If the issue is a bug, the task is marked accordingly, the version fix and time frame are updated and the task is re-escalated to the Support Analyst who will follow-up with you, update the status and close the task. 

3. Will I be notified once I create a Ticket/Task?

Yes. You will receive an email with the Ticket/Task number and other details that you have selected/filled in.

4. What type of Support services do you offer?

We offer solutions, workarounds, and services for any Technical and Functional issues that the user will come across on day-to-day basis: operations like ‘Cannot print the document’, ’Cannot process credit cards’ or issues when the web shoppers are unable to place orders or complete checkout or other error messages.

5. Where can I get help if I have issues with the Product?

Customers can call us at +1 703-546-4236 or email at with the issue details. We will create a Task to track and resolve your issue. Customers on a Support Plan can create Tasks on the GreeneStep Support Portal. You can aslo refer to our online help portal at Help Portal.

6. Does Greenestep offer off-business hours support?

Yes, GreeneStep offers support from Sunday night through Friday evening. We will be with customers 24/5 and in case of an emergency, you can call our support team during weekends. You can call us during regular business hours if you need to talk to our Support Team.

7. How will Greenestep support handle issues reported?

After we receive the issue submission, a Ticket will be created to track the progress of the resolution. The Support team will determine whether the problem can be replicated based on the inputs provided on the Ticket. A solution will be provided to the customer to resolve the issue. If the problem reported turns out to be a bug in the product, a fix will be provided based on the severity of the issue.

8. What kind of information do I need to provide whaen I contact the Support to report an issue?

Your submissions should include a detailed description of the problem, steps to reproduce the issue, screen shots, if applicable, expected results and actual results.



1. What are the risks involved in the Hosted Model?

A1.1) There is no risk. However, the physical server may not be available if down during your business hours. However if you see the Secured Servers (where we will host your server: , they give literally 100% uptime. We mitigate this risk by providing another server in another location and take your previous day backup, attach the same and ensure your core operations of data inputs and will have access to your reports.

A1.2) Another risk is the possibility of latency while accessing the server. Since the server is in US at data center in Phoenix, Arizona and Ashburn, VA, the latency is very minimal or never there based on feedback from existing customers. We provide 8 GB RAM for the virtual machine that ensures the server performance is reasonably good up to 5 users.

 A1.3) Support availability: We provide access to our support staff any time over email and through our support portal that will enable us to reach us any time. Since we are managing the server and GreeneStep software, we will provide the support services in a few hours, and within 1 to 2 hrs for emergency incidents like problems with server uptime. You can also reach the senior management over phone for any escalations.

A1.4) Security: To mitigate this we will enforce both Windows Security and strong password policies for the GreeneStep software security. Also enable alert manager so that you get emails alerts on the access to the server or GreeneStep software usage.

2.What type of server is provided on the hosting plan and where is it located? (VPS, Dedicated etc.) 

 We will provide a virtual server with 8 GB RAM and 100 GB Hard Disk Space expandable as needed in future. It will be located on a physical server located at ASHBURN, VA, or at Phoenix US. (

3.What if the server goes down? What is the recovery plan and time frame?

If the server goes down, we will bring it up in 24 hours using 1 day old backup database on a different server.

4.What are the recomended bandwidth requirements for the software to run adequetely over the remote connection?

Minimum 2 MBPS bandwidth connectivity.

5. Does Greenestep handle the data backup operations of the server and how often is the data backed up?

Yes, we will do daily backup of the database, weekly for the standard files, folders data and monthly image backup of the server and move this backed up data to another server every week. Tha same data is moved to an external hard disk every month. However, we also recommend you to buy 250 GB of GDrive at Google (may cost you $ 5 a month. Please check latest pricing at Google) so that we can copy the backed up files daily.

6. What are services that Greenestep provide for the hosted model?

Support Services Includes:
• GreeneStep Support, Implementation and On-going Training as per the support plan
• 24x7 connectivity support to server
• 24x7 application monitoring and alerting
• Full support for Microsoft Technologies on the server
• GreeneStep software Customization Services sold separately

Hosted Infrastructure Service to include:
• Shared Managed Firewall
• Automated Database and files Backup services onto local server hard disk and secured off-site storage on Gdrive (GDrive Space to be purchased by Customer)
• 24x7 System and Network Monitoring
• 24x7 Hardware and O/S Administration and related services

Servers Setup and Configuration to include:
• Commissioning of Server
• Data Migration from existing ERP database or from Excel Sheets
• Setup of GreeneStep BMS Software
• Terminal Services Client configuration
• Printer setups and test printing

7. What is the recommended process for a company such as ours that is moving from an existing ERP to a new installation of Greenestep?

GreeneStep Support team will help you to migrate to new software seamlessly by bringing in all the master data as per templates provided. If you give access to your existing ERP Server, we will bring in data using migration scripts directly and request for your review before uploading it to Production DB either using Standard Excel Template or custom queries.

8. Will you support POS terminal hardware (Cash Drawer, Pole Display and Receipt printer) that we already have?

We will review your existing terminals for compatibility and suggest further action.

9. Can we give the software and licenses that we already own and deploy on your hosted server?

Yes you can deploy various other own software licenses except for Windows Operating System.