Grappling with disparate systems to manage business processes with high investments and low returns?GreeneStep Busines Management Suite, a one stop integrated solution, addresses it all. It easily fits into your business ecosystem irrespective of business size or industry and brings you maximized benefits. How?
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  Products Benefits

  Service Benefits

  • Value : Costs 30-50% less than other comparable ERP systems
  • Integrated : All modules including Finance and Accounting
  • On Cloud : Secure, accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Mobile Compatibility : Future proof with mobile / touch interface
  • B2B Collaboration : For faster accomplishment of business goals
  • Expertise : Years of functional domain and technical expertise
  • Reports : Review reports, CRM Queries including formatting
  • Data Migration : Masters, open documents and historical invoices
  • Implementation : Low cost with pre-defined processes
  • Training : Custom training based on user profile
  • Support : Offer FULL-SERVICE functional/technical support
  • Customizations : Reports and Plug-ins as per your business needs

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