Curious about GreeneStep!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you give a demo of the solution? 

Yes. GreeneStep does give a FREE demonstration of the solution at your convenient time. Multiple demonstrations can also be given to specific departments on specific modules depending on the need.

We can also give a demo on sample data provided for your company after signing up for a mutual NDA document.

Meantime you access now the readily available DEMO Portal of our CRMx Collaboration Product. Demo Portal Link. Enter username as ADMIN and pwd (contact us).

Is the software evaluation free?

Yes. In the advanced stages of discussion, prospects can evaluate our software with their own data so that they get a better understanding of how GreeneStep handles their business processes.

Need to sign up a mutual nondisclosure agreement to get started with a Free Evaluation of the software for a limited period.

Contact the Sales Team for Signing up for a Free Demo and a Free Evaluation. Terms and Conditions Apply.

Can we use your Sandbox Test Server for trial?

GreeneStep does have a Test Server/Sandbox that our prospects can get access to for an extended Free Trial to work and get a feel of our product.

Are all the modules integrated?

All the modules are built on a single SQL database and are seamlessly integrated for real-time data capture, processing, and reporting. 

Based on the solution finalized, GreeneStep will enable the required modules for implementation for Customers. 

Is GreeneStep installed only on cloud or can it be on on-premise? 

GreeneStep is offered as a hosted solution on a private and secure data center in US managed and operated by GreeneStep. We have multiple options when it comes to hosting from Shared Virtual Serves to Exclusive Virtual Servers. 

We can also install GreeneStep On-Premise if the customer insists on the same on their servers

Another option is that the deployment can be done on the customer's third-party hosting centers or premises on compatible systems as per GreeneStep's system requirements.

How long does it take to implement and go live? 

For an out-of-box BackOffice solution, the time taken to ‘Go Live' varies between 3-4 weeks. For solutions with multiple customization's and external dependencies and integrations, the time taken would increase on the basis of the complexity of the customization that varies from three (3) months to 12 months to rollout. 

GreeneStep recommends to go live in a progressive manner and go-live with out-of-box first and take each customization as a separate project and implement the same. 

What are the services that you offer as part of implementation

GreeneStep also offers below bundled services

Can reports be customized to suit specific needs?

Yes, reports can be customized for an additional fee to suit specific business needs. The GreeneStep out-of-the-box solution has over 150 default reports across modules pre-build and standardized as per US Business Requirements.

Which payment gateways do you support?

1. Open Edge ( PayPros ) : From Global Payments Inc

2. Paytrace by Vantage B2B

3. Paypal ( Payflow Pro )

4. Moneris Canada both for CAD and USD Currencies

5. Authorize.Net

6. Cardknox   For ACH and CC Processing

7. Cardknox BBPOS

What are the support services offered? 

GreeneStep also offers below professional services along with its Product.

What are the best suited Industry Verticals or Segments?

GreeneStep ERP and CRMx are best for Distributors, Wholesalers, Drop shippers, and eCommerce Retailers who are looking for an integrated solution to manage thousands of SKUs, thousands of Customers, and hundreds of Vendors.

So far implemented for below businesses/purposes :

Will you provide customer references?

Yes. GreeneStep will provide customer references based on various criteria : such as one near to your territory, industry type and also the expert end-user.  We will get permission from the existing customer and will set up a schedule or arrange for the contact details.

Do you have a mobile native app to access the data on the go?

GreeneStep does not have any native App, but you can access your data using a tablet / Smartphone on the go using a Mobile Web Browser like Google Chrome or Safari or MS Edge, or Firefox.

The web access product is built to resize for the respective device form factor and display responsive screens which enable the solution to take the shape of the device screen being used. 

Since the solution is also hosted on GreeneStep Hosted Server, customers can securely access the software over a web browser on the go using the Remote Connectivity tool that is exclusively set up for each customer's login.

Do you support Drop Shipments?

Yes. You can manage Drop Ship orders using GreeneStep Solution. Dropship Functionality is built-in and tied to Ordering and Fulfillment through the Supplier process seamlessly. 

You can enable GreeneStep Cloudfront portal for online drop shipments management  with your partners.

Advantages and Benefits of Drop Shipment Process to a Distributor

1. Inventory Availability and Stock Management.

2. Repeat Business, Scalability, and Assured Availability.

3. Flexibility of selling multi-brand products catalog.

4. More wholesale buyers and businesses.

5. Save time. money and effort.

6. Aligns with business cyclicity and seasonal variations.

7. Better Shipping and Packaging Rates.

8. Storage and Logistics Cost reduction.

How to get in touch with your Sales team? 

Email us at Call us on the US +1 703 546 4236 X 403 | IN +91 7349028396