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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new version release frequency? 

GreeneStep releases a new upgrade every year. As part of managed upgrades, our Support team will help in upgrading your servers.

This upgrade will have new features, bug fixes, technology improvement, and functionalities built in as per the requests of the existing customers as well as market trends. 

The upgrades are managed upgrades which means that the GreeneStep Support Team will upgrade the system on behalf of the customers after checking all the dependencies including any customizations done for the customers.

How to access Help Center?

Customers can also access this Help Center online 24x7.  There are certain advanced user guides available at the HELP CENTER, for which a customer must request exclusive log in details.

Please email your HELP Center request to support@greenestep.com. Here customers can search for any GreeneStep product features, How to do guides and other help manuals. 

In case you did not find the required or relevant articles or help manuals, please do email us at info@greenestep.com with the document required (a procedural document, or a training document or a process document or how to use document or any help on navigation etc., we will create the same for you and send it across.

Does you integrate with Avalara or Taxjar?

Yes. GreeneStep does have an integration with Avalara and Taxjar for US Sales Taxes.

Avalara GreeneStep Connector, is an add-on connector and not a part of an out-of-the-box solution. Contact GreeneStep Support Team for more information on these customization connectors that need to be set up exclusively for your company.

You need to have an account at Avalara or at Taxjar to get these services.

What are the services that you offer additionally? 

GreeneStep also offers below professional services along with its Product

What are the typical customization fee or charges?

Customization charges are based on the specific requirements for which GreeneStep will document in detail the “Customization Requirement Solution Agreement (CRSA)” this detail functional and technical specification document will be shared with you for review and approval.

After the customer confirms then CRSA, GreeneStep will propose a fixed fee or a time and material hourly charges based on the complexity and development effort. Any deviation in the customization then this will be charged additionally subject to the additional number hours that will be discussed and mutually agreed.

Typical Customizations include:

General Acceptance Terms : Customer must notify GreeneStep of any non-conformity with deliverable within fifteen (15) business days of delivery of deliverable by sending an email to support@greeenstep.com stating in reasonable detail the nature of the non-conformity with the deliverable. Otherwise, Customer shall be deemed to have accepted deliverable and final payment shall be due immediately. Customer understands there will be minor bugs or other errors in the Deliverables that will not constitute non-delivery.

Support & Maintenance : GreeneStep will provide support and maintenance to the above program to work with future releases of the GreeneStep product. For this we recommend customers to test the integration on an upgraded sandbox environment and confirm that the integration is compatible with the future release of GreeneStep.

Any changes to the deliverable that are requested by the Customer that extend the Deliverable scope, enhance its functionality, or otherwise change its operation will be considered, and where feasible, will be delivered on a time and materials or a new fixed fee agreed mutually.

How to access your Support portal?

Customers can have multiple users access to GreeneStep Support Portal for which the customer must be on Remote Maintenance Support.

Customers can log in with their email IDs and password to create a support task. For access to support login, please email your request to support@greenestep.com