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Frequently Asked Questions

How to access Help Center?

Customers can also access this Help Center online 24x7.  There are certain advanced user guides available at the HELP CENTER, for which a customer must request exclusive log in details.

Please email your HELP Center request to support@greenestep.com. Here customers can search for any GreeneStep product features, How to do guides and other help manuals. 

In case you did not find the required or relevant articles or help manuals, please do email us at info@greenestep.com with the document required (a procedural document, or a training document or a process document or how to use document or any help on navigation etc., we will create the same for you and send it across.

What are the support hours and availability?

Technical Support Team will be available from 8.00 AM EST to 4.00 PM EST during this time customers call GreeneStep Support Number (703) 546 4236 and Dial Extension 402. Support Personnel will answer the call and if busy please leave a voice message with a callback number and query in brief. 

Customers can also send emails to SUPPORT@GREENESTEP.COM providing details of the issue or any support request.

GreeneStep recommends customers create Support Tasks on Support Portal directly. You can create a new task request for your issue or for any support need. Please attach a screenshot of the issue, provide step-by-step details and update the Priority of the Task. 

If you need access to this support portal, please email us at info@greenestep.com or contact the support team. Such tasks created by customers will be addressed on the same day or the next day with suggestions where an email will be sent with a solution or resolution.

Can reports be customized to suit specific needs?

Yes, reports can be customized for an additional fee to suit specific business needs. The GreeneStep out-of-the-box solution has over 150 default reports across modules pre-build and standardized as per US Business Requirements.

Can you bring in historical legacy data?

Yes we can bring in historical data when you migrate to GreeneStep.

Product Master and Link to Images Repository, Customer Master, Prospect Masters, Supplier / Vendor Master, Chart of Accounts, Inventory Stock / Quantity Opening Balances, AP and AR Opening Balances.

Also we custom import : All Open Sales Orders and Sales Quotes, Credit Orders and Credit Quotes, All Open Purchase Orders (Not Received/Not Invoiced) and Debit Orders, Supplier Part Numbers, Customer Part Numbers.

Existing Sales Invoices and Purchase Invoices will be imported as LEGACY Data only for future reference and will not impact Customer/Supplier Balances. 

We help to do the above from pre-formatted excel spreadsheets that you need to provide. Please ask for the standard templates from our Support and Implementation Team.

Does you integrate with Avalara or Taxjar?

Yes. GreeneStep does have an integration with Avalara and Taxjar for US Sales Taxes.

Avalara GreeneStep Connector, is an add-on connector and not a part of an out-of-the-box solution. Contact GreeneStep Support Team for more information on these customization connectors that need to be set up exclusively for your company.

You need to have an account at Avalara or at Taxjar to get these services.

What IT infrastructure is required? 

Laptops or Desktops with a good internet connection is all it takes to use our hosted solution. One can also access GreeneStep using a smart phone / tablet device. Kindly review the System Requirements article to know more about the System Requirements for an On Premise setup.

How to access your Support portal?

Customers can have multiple users access to GreeneStep Support Portal for which the customer must be on Remote Maintenance Support.

Customers can log in with their email IDs and password to create a support task. For access to support login, please email your request to support@greenestep.com