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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the support services offered? 

GreeneStep also offers below professional services along with its Product.

What are the best suited Industry Verticals or Segments?

GreeneStep ERP and CRMx are best for Distributors, Wholesalers, Drop shippers, and eCommerce Retailers who are looking for an integrated solution to manage thousands of SKUs, thousands of Customers, and hundreds of Vendors.

So far implemented for below businesses/purposes :

Do you give a demo of the solution to a Partner? 

Yes. GreeneStep does give a FREE demonstration of the solution at your convenient time. Multiple demonstrations can also be given to specific departments on specific modules depending on the need.

We can also give a demo on sample data provided for your company after signing up for a mutual NDA document.

Meantime you access now the readily available DEMO Portal of our CRMx Collaboration Product. Demo Portal Link. Enter username as ADMIN and pwd (contact us).

Can the Partner use your Demo Sandbox Server?

GreeneStep does have a Test Server/Sandbox that our prospects can get access to for an extended Free Trial to work and get a feel of our product.

How to get in touch with your Sales team? 

Email us at sales@greeneStep.com. Call us on the US +1 703 546 4236 X 403 | IN +91 7349028396

Is GreeneStep installed only on cloud or can it be on on-premise or on the Partner Servers? 

GreeneStep is offered as a hosted solution on a private and secure data center in US managed and operated by GreeneStep. We have multiple options when it comes to hosting from Shared Virtual Serves to Exclusive Virtual Servers. 

We can also install GreeneStep On-Premise if the customer insists on the same on their servers

Another option is that the deployment can be done on the customer's third-party hosting centers or premises on compatible systems as per GreeneStep's system requirements.

What is the reporting tool used? 

Stimulsoft Report Designer tool is used to build GreeneStep Reports. There are over 150 out-of-the-box scanned reports developed and released as part of the GreeneStep product. 

Sample Sales Order, Purchase Order, Sales Invoice and Check Printing Reports are part of it. Specialties of these reports are compatible and viewable on both desktop, mobile browser views. Contact Support team for any customization of reports that adds value to your decisions on time every time.

What IT infrastructure is required? 

Laptops or Desktops with a good internet connection is all it takes to use our hosted solution. One can also access GreeneStep using a smart phone / tablet device. Kindly review the System Requirements article to know more about the System Requirements for an On Premise setup.

How to access your Support portal?

Customers can have multiple users access to GreeneStep Support Portal for which the customer must be on Remote Maintenance Support.

Customers can log in with their email IDs and password to create a support task. For access to support login, please email your request to support@greenestep.com