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GreeneStep Field Service Management System

GreeneStep Service Management is a web-based platform that is multi device supported, providing you device responsive User Interface, Navigation and Security features. This system is completely integrated with GreeneStep ERP/CRM.

This system helps sales and services business to improve service levels, bring in transparency, faster capturing of services requests, complaints, work orders, job orders enabling collaboration with Services Departments, Field Technician, Spares and Stores departments and end customers.

Now connecting service technicians and customers from anywhere, anytime and any device is the key expectation of the growing business firms from various industries. We have developed this feature based on current agile business needs. The system can connect company staff from various levels and departments and get the timely and instant update of the services status even from any remote location. This in turn increases the efficiency and revenue.

The following business features can be handled with our advanced Service Management system:

  • Quick Service/Work/Job Order Placement
  • Accounts Lookup and Complaint / Services Registration
  • End to End Customer Requests and Tasks Status
  • Google Map Integration for Service Location Tracking
  • Leased / Sold Assets and Equipment Monitoring
  • Tasks and Status updates
  • Payment Receipts on Work/Service/Job Orders
  • Instant Alerts on a single platform
  • Spares and Stores Inventory Information for Parts Replacement and Servicing
  • Technician Performance Metrics


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