GIFT Analytics

Empowering decision makers with strategic and operational insights from multi-source data.

GreeneStep Interactive Forecasting Technology (GIFT)

A collaborative business intelligence and analytics solution with decision support system powered by predictive and forecasting techniques for real time decisions.

GreeneStep Interactive Forecasting Tech (GIFT) will help transform and enable holistic decision making with data processed from multiple sources.

GreeneStep’s AI-driven BI Analytics solution is for business owners, C-Suite executives, business managers and stakeholders to drive decisions based on real time data streams processed and analyzed by GIFT product.

This will have built-in standard industry analytics template related to customer journey, marketing, supply chain operations, people performance and financial analytics that are AI / ML driven to help different stakeholders to make decisions or choose the directions or decision options / suggestions by this platform.

Additionally, this solution can be customized for providing advanced predictive analytics and insights  for business planning, process modeling/impact and risk assessment – all this made possible with data processed from multiple sources, transformation and applying various statistical and ML algorithms.