Cloud Hosting Services provides exclusively on 

GreeneStep Private Data Center in US and Canada

Welcome to the world of seamless business operations! GreeneStep cloud hosting is here to revolutionize your business growth. Benefit from real-time insights, improved collaboration, and enhanced customer relationships because of 24x7 availability of your hosted server. 

Cloud Hosting - Managed by GreeneStep IT

GreeneStep helps setting up and managing the hosted servers provided to the customer on its private data center.

System Installation and Upgrades: GreeneStep performs installation of Customer’s Windows software and installs software upgrades as required. GreeneStep follows industry standards for each installation to help ensure that the systems are secured.

Server Administration: GreeneStep provides Administration of your solution including Server hardware, Operating-System and Virtualization Technology (only in case of virtual environments). GreeneStep will provide for the maintenance, repair, or replacement of any failed server hardware Components. Emergency hardware replacement will be performed within 3 hours of hardware failure.

24x7 Monitoring and Alerting: GreeneStep monitoring and alerting technology monitors the performance, availability, network connectivity, and security of your supported devices and systems around the clock. 

Routine Preventive Maintenance: GreeneStep Engineers schedule preventive maintenance windows to refresh system resources, apply maintenance patches and perform preventive maintenance activities. 

Deployed on your On-Premise Servers

GreeneStep Business Suite (GBS) can be deployed as an On-Premise Model

For On-Premise deployment on the LAN Network, all the Servers and Clients (workstation) need to be connected via DOMAIN (recommended). GBS supports only Microsoft Windows Operating Systems (licensed version). GBS supports databases running on Microsoft SQL Server. 

GBS provides a Client connectivity software for On-Premise model, that has to be installed on each windows user system. These windows systems must have Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 or higher installed for GBS to work seamlessly. 

GBS Ecommerce and CloudFront Portal support latest editions of Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Firefox internet browsers. The same can be accessed over mobile devices with iOS and Android platforms.

3rd Party Servers managed by your IT Partners

GreeneStep Business Suite (GBS) can be deployed on your 3rd party location/servers managed by your IT Partners locally.

GreeneStep can be deployed on Azure or AWS environments directly sourced and subscribed by your team.