Our customers rely on us to operate their business everyday!

We have business owners using GreeneStep to solve their challenges in the following business verticals.

👉 Furniture Distribution and Wholesale

👉 Health and Medical Supplies Distribution

👉 Adventure Sports Equipment Distributors

👉 Heavy Automotive Parts Distributors 

👉 Pet Products Supplies Distribution

👉 Gifts , Toys & Hobby Supplies Wholesale

👉 Engineering and Technology Services

👉 Recreational  Motor Vehicles Dealers

👉 HVAC  Motor, Generator Manufacturers

👉 Automotive Parts & Accessories

 & more...

👉 Solar Energy Renewables Suppliers 

👉 Deep Sea Equipment Manufacturers

👉 Electrical/Wiring Supplies Wholesale

👉 Animal Food Manufacturers

👉 Scientific Equipment Dealers

👉 Building Material Manufacturers

👉 Broadcasting & Wireless Dealers 

👉 Custom Art and Frame Manufacturers

👉 Transportation Equipment Dealers

👉 Supermarkets and Grocery Stores

& more...

The GreeneStep solution allowed us to make a seamless transition to our employees working from home during the COVID-19 crisis. We would not have been able to do that with our old software. We were able to avoid considerable expense and down-time because of the built-in features of the GreeneStep product. Even after using the software for two years we keep finding new ways GreeneStep is saving us time and money!


President, Aufderworld Corp.

"GreeneStep remained hands-on throughout the transition from our old systems to GS transferring and testing all the data migration. This was a tremendous help to us as we did not have the man power to do this ourselves. 

The transition was seamless and we could not be happier. Presently, when we run into any issues, their team is extremely responsive and solve any problems we find. It is especially nice when we discover new ways to use the system which require some reporting improvements, GreeneStep team is right there on it getting us the reports and information we need. 

I highly recommend GreeneStep Solutions and Partner Company USC Inc for your IT needs. They provide the personal attention and expertise in an ever changing IT world."


Owner, Fowler Companies

I found that switching from our old software to GreeneStep was easy and painless. GreeneStep is user-friendly and fast to retrieve information. Support has been courteous and keeps in touch to make sure all is going well. I would recommend them to anyone.


President, Valley City Supply

GreeneStep, Thank you so much for providing software that I can run my business with. Since my website is a part of my accounting software, my customers are able to view past orders online and see current inventory levels. Our business is more efficient because of your software, and for that, I say Thank You.


Principle and Owner, JDW Distributors

A good business partner!


Principle, Celtic Holdings LLC

Best value in ERP Software. As always, appreciate your good work. Thank you for offering the service you guys do and always being willing to help. Of all the software companies I deal with, you guys stand out as exceptional in how you care about your Customers. 


VP, Pierce Arrow Inc