Implementation and Migration Process

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Implementation Kickoff Process

1. Agreement and Confirmation

GreeneStep Transition Strategy

Decide on the overall corporate strategy to implement GreeneStep with necessary approach finalized on the change management, scope and business process (re) engineering and onboarding your end-user champions

Mutual NDA

eSign on a mutual non-disclosure agreement or on any term sheet discussed during pre-sales demonstration of Greenestep Solution.

Sales Order Signoff

Review and signoff sales order from GreeneStep along with various agreed terms, conditions, end user terms of usage conditions, support and services terms and schedules

KickOff Meeting

Get started implementation activities. Review the Checklist.

2. Review Existing Business Processes

Sales Handover

Sales will hand-0ff the baton to GreeneStep implementation team to introduce your team.

Business Process Review

You will review and present your business process in detail along with specific challenges to overcome during the presentation.

Process Mapping

We will document the process and map the same to the GreeneStep standard functionalities and note the gaps to discuss the customization requirements.

Implementation Plan

An implementation project plan will be signed off based on various inputs, timelines, availability of resources along with training plan to your end-users.

3. Installation of GreeneStep Application

Server Sizing and Finalization

Required servers, hardware and associated software prerequisites will be sized and setup / reviewed either on your On Premise Server / Data Center.

GreeneStep Application Setup

GreeneStep’s IT Team will install, setup and configure the latest version of the GreeneStep application and associated database licensing setup and process access.

Setup Users, Portal and SSLs

Various ‘test’ user’s login id, GS Portal setup and configured on the server for access testing, training and further review of the sandbox company / mockup company.

Access and Review

End-users will be provided ( will email) access credentials to the server for review of the sandbox company / mockup company setup on the same server.

4. Training Process and Mockup Company Setup

Setup Mockup DB for Training

Training to end users will be provided in GreeneStep product by creating a MOCK-UP Company where your company’s sample Master Data on Ledger Accounts List, Product/Services Masters with Sell Price, Discounts if any, Supplier/Vendor Masters and Customer Masters will be imported or created.

Training by User Roles

Remote online training sessions will be taken up and details explained using your company sample data through GOTO Meeting Conference where all Users or set of users can attend the training. Each training session will be between 60 to 90 minutes. Training Sessions will be recorded and shared with for reference.

Feedback and Clarifications

End-user can send us emails to request for additional training sessions and clarifications if needed.

Reference Help/User Guides

Various training session recordings, ‘critical’ and customized procedural documents, screen shots, help portal links  will be provided to your end-user along with access to GreeneStep Support Portal for further interactions with GreeneStep Support Team.

5. Sign up for any Customization Development

Customization Requirements Gathering

Document customization requirements along with business needs and end user / use-case scenarios and examples.

Solution Agreements

Review and Approve the GreeneStep CRSA (Customer Requirements and Solution Agreement) document that details the technical solution with approach, delivery timelines and commercials 

Dev & Testing

Develop & deploy customizations on mockup company for review and feedback or finetuning.

Deploy on Live DB

Deploy approved customizations on the live production company for final rollout and usage.

Files Check-in

Customization files and related source will be stored for further maintenance and future upgrades. Close CRSA Request Task.

6. Data Migration and ‘Live Production’ Company Database Setup

Master Data Gathering

Gather and collect all the required master data into pre-defined GreeneStep Import and Migration Templates. We will provide the sample formats. Even the legacy transaction like sales and purchase invoices data can be imported

Data Sheets Formatting

We will review your data sheets, finetune & reformat to make it ready for import ( fill missing data as needed)

Production DB and Licenses 

A new production company database will be created on the servers identified based on the deployment of On-premise or On-Cloud hosted with relevant pre-requisites software and dependencies.

Secure Access Setup and Testing

User access will be tested for the production system with required security options.

Data Import and Configuration

Required master data will be imported and configured with customizations and the Live DB is kept ready with backup routines setup for Go-Live.

7. Go Live Activities – Opening Balances and System Settings

Import & Setup Opening Balances

implementation team will help in importing Stock, Open receivables and open payables along with general ledger balances. You need to provide data as of a day before go live in a preformatted spreadsheets.

Setup Business Rules

Ensure all the rules and defaults are setup for quick and seam less transaction data entries by your end-users.

Verify Final Reports

All the outgoing transactional reports like orders and invoices will be setup for printing and emailing.

Its LIVE and SET

Congratulations to all your users and team members. GreeneStep is live.