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Redefining and Integrating Business Systems in Disjointed App World.

GreeneStep is a business management and software development company with bases in India, and the US. The company’s focus is on providing enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management solutions. We’re trying to help our customers get a service that they can’t get anywhere else,” says Sunil Kumar, CEO and Product Director of GreeneStep. “We target small and mid-sized businesses in the wholesale, retail, and distribution spaces. Our service allows these firms to manage their companies in an integrated fashion.” 

Companies go to GreeneStep to get a reliable ERP automated business system solution. Small and mid-sized companies are often finding that they use different, segmented systems. They might use a different system for internal financial data, a different system for invoicing, and yet another one for inventory management. 

GreeneStep integrated software allows companies to bring all of these different systems under a single roof, with customization and functionality.

Companies want to gain the efficiency of bringing their separate systems under one umbrella. This process gives companies better control over product implementation and process optimization. With the GreeneStep business suite, companies can run their entire business without relying on any third party systems. This yields positive results for a broad range of clients, from those who run their business out of their home or a small office, to those who run an online e-commerce store. 

Onboarding users onto a single platform make it easier for GreeneStep to meet their needs, whether those needs are CRM, ERP, or Ecommerce. All of those features are integrated into a single solution that gives GreeneStep clients more control. GreeneStep allows customers to choose the implementation of their product, selecting between an in-house implementation and a cloud-based one. 

GreeneStep assists clients throughout every step of the cloud migration process. An implementation team studies the size and needs of the client company, along with their existing process and system. From there, GreeneStep takes their data and sets up a training package, so that clients can train on the GreeneStep platform using their own data before the system goes live. This ensures that the clients are well-versed with the procedures of the company. GreeneStep works with clients to ensure they have all the training and customizations they need before that point.

GreeneStep has had several success stories in recent years. They worked with a prominent Veneers supplier and producer of over 15 types of veneers, to move all their business processes to a single system. Their earlier system lacked immediate support and extension, and their maintenance and software support costs were increasing rapidly. Moving their system to the GreeneStep platform helped this client to keep track of unique veneer images as they walked through company processes, plus it provided them with an integrated system for managing accounting and inventory. GreeneStep also helped them to implement a unique Ecommerce store, which gave them more flexibility for managing sales. “We target small and mid-sized businesses in the wholesale, retail, and distribution spaces. Our service allows these firms to manage their companies in an integrated fashion.”

Over the next 12 to 18 months, GreeneStep is looking at expansion. The company wants to establish an office in Canada, as the Canadian market has become especially crucial for growth. GreeneStep also intends to add support team to the US market. GreeneStep is continually looking at new ways they can use technology to produce better results for their clients. Currently, that means studying artificial intelligence and machine learning. AI could provide GreeneStep clients with analysis of trends in customer data, and suggest potential decisions based on that analysis. The company is also looking at integrating with existing AI like Alexa, giving clients greater functionality. GreeneStep ultimately wants to ensure that their clients are getting the most efficient, practical ERP solution for their needs.