About GreeneStep GIFT

GreeneStep will develop an AI-driven BI Analytics SAAS (Software as a Service) product for business owners, C-Suite executives, business managers and stakeholders (here upon collectively referred as business decision makers - BDM). 

This GreeneStep Interactive Forecasting Tech (GIFT) will help transform and enable holistic decision making with data processed from multiple sources.

The product would provide holistic views of business data, enabling data-driven decisions through the use of AI algorithms and statistical models.

Business managers and BDMs who often lack access to reliable and consolidated business data. As a result, decisions are made based on experience, partial data availability, and guesswork. 

GreeneStep aims to solve this problem by offering an AI-driven product that facilitates better decision-making through comprehensive data analysis, interpretation  and annotation with possible decisions/scenarios to consider and the related outcomes of each decision.

The proposed solution involves developing an analytics module that offers role-based access to analytics, aggregates data from multiple sources, and provides benchmarking industry data. 

Furthermore, GreeneStep plans to build a data transformation process to clean, enrich, and apply business rules and data security models. 

Overall, the goal of GreeneStep is to provide business owners and decision making stakeholders of the company with an AI-driven analytics solution that empowers them to make data-driven decisions, enhance sustainability and scalability, and minimize errors and delays.

Greenestep is an enterprise solution encompassing integrated financial accounting, inventory management, distribution, retail and CRM.